Tax Preparation

Tax Preparation & Tax Filing Services
For Individuals and Small Businesses

Reliable and Accurate - Tax Preparation Done Right

Renninger & Associates provides accurate and reliable tax preparation and tax filing services for individuals and businesses, ensuring that you pay only what is truly owed on your personal or business tax return. The ever-changing and increasingly complex tax laws make it difficult for individuals and small businesses to properly prepare a tax return even with the benefit of today’s tax preparation and tax filing software.
Our knowledgable tax advisers and preparers will work with you to be sure you receive every deduction you are entitled to. We're located in Berks County in Shillington, near Reading, PA, but we work with clients in the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia, Harrisburg and beyond. Use our secure file uploader to send us your information without the need to stop in.

Our Tax Preparers and Advisors Will Ensure You Don't Overpay

The keys to minimizing taxes include both knowledge and communication. Your tax return will be handled by an expert tax preparer with the knowledge and experience to ensure you receive every tax deduction and tax credit to which you are entitled. For best results, we encourage frequent communication throughout the year with our tax advisors to ensure all taxable events are planned for properly. 
If you are ready for the peace of mind and tax savings made possible by our tax preparation experts, then give us a call or request an appointment today. You’ll rest easy knowing your tax return was done right.

Safely Upload
Your Confidential Information

For your convenience you can send us your tax-related information via our secure uploading system, thereby avoiding the security concerns inherent with sending documents by email. 

Our system uses encryption to securely upload your information directly to servers and can be downloaded only with the encryption key available only to us.
Secure upload for your sensitive accounting and tax information is available from Renninger Associates, LLC near Reading, PA
Affordable small business & individual tax preparation & tax filing services performed by knowledgeable tax preparers and tax advisors. 
Serving Reading, Philadelphia, Lancaster, Allentown, Bethlehem, Harrisburg, York, Pennsylvania and beyond.
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